Scam Alart Belcklist of CasinosHow often do you face deception and frustration in daily life? Probably each of us had a more or less bad experience when we thought to ourselves how this could happen because nothing boded of troubles!

Unfortunately, there are people and iGaming companies that often give us mountains of promise and as a result, leave us with nothing. This happens very often in the online casino and sportsbook industry and gaming in general, we trust them, but not all of them are reliable and fair.

Many online casinos distort information on their website, they are silent about additional conditions or simply do not fulfill their promises. It often happened when the players try to withdrawal thay money or request for the winning money, also is related to many bonus promotions.

It’s clear that easy money is a risk if you come to the casino with the goal of quickly and easy to hit the jackpot, special promotions with no real winnings are created for such an audience. Although quite a lot of new trustworthy online casinos are often scammers.

What players usually do when they are looking for a new reliable online casino, they visit the most reliable, trustworthy and unbiased source for Online Gambling. Because there you can find out reviews, comments from other players and share of the personal experience and not the last thing we pay our attention is the position on the ratings. But you should not lose your vigilance, because many online casinos pay for advertising and sometimes leave comments under reviews themselves, assuring how amazing everything is and how easy it is to get a jackpot or impressive win of great money amount.

Especially for our visitors and all players, we created a section on our website with a blacklist of casinos, drawing on the experience of real online casino players and independently testing the services of online casinos and sportsbooks. In order to personally verify their scams and warn you, we want to protect you from fraud, scam, and disappointment.

In our reviews you will be provided with information about online casinos and sportsbooks that deceive users, we will tell you exactly how they do it and on what you should pay attention in the future.

Read our reviews of blacklist casinos to know which of them are based on the scam and are worth avoiding!

Casino Blacklist
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